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Catalog of stainless steel products

The unique properties of stainless steel: strength, durability, high corrosion resistance, the ability to work in a wide temperature range and at high pressure, hygiene - make it an indispensable material for pipelines transporting a variety of liquids and gases, including highly aggressive ones. Our company offers high-quality materials for the installation of pipelines: stainless steel pipes, fittings, shut-off valves, fasteners, as well as rolled metal and materials for cutting and welding.

The stainless steel pipes supplied by us are made of aisi 304, aisi 316, 12x18h10t steel and have a round or profile section. Round pipes can be solid-rolled and electric-welded. Profile pipes, used in many cases as a structural material, have a square and rectangular cross-section. The surface of the pipes can be polished, polished, matt or mirrored for use in various technological processes, as well as in design.

Fittings are used to connect pipeline sections, organize turns and branches, dead-end sections, connect tanks and equipment. We offer fittings made of steel grades aisi 304, aisi 316, 12x18h10t of various designs, including welded and threaded. Stainless steel welded fittings ensure complete tightness of connections in harsh working conditions. Our assortment includes collars, bends, tees, transitions, stainless steel plugs in a wide range of standard sizes. Threaded fittings made of steel are versatile, easy to install and maintain and reliable. These include Americans, barrels, couplings, plugs, nipples, steel bends, bends, lock nuts, tees and fittings. 

A separate and very extensive class of fittings consists of stainless steel flanges. They are not only an integral part of pipelines, but also find the widest application in the branches of mechanical engineering for connecting moving parts and shafts. We supply flanges of various designs: flat welded, collar, free, as well as flange plugs to create dead-end sections of the pipeline.

Shut-off valves – taps, filters, valves, gate valves, check valves – are used to regulate the flow of liquids and gases in pipelines. Widely popular are ball valves made of aisi 304 and aisi 316 steel - welded, threaded, flanged, L-shaped. All shut-off valves supplied by us are of high quality, ensuring reliability and safety of operation.