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Stainless welded fittings

Stainless steel fittings, piping and shut-off valves

We manufacture and sell high-quality welded stainless steel fittings

The installation of pipes during the installation of plumbing systems involves the use of a different plan of connecting parts. Such products in the catalog of our company are presented in a wide range. Stainless steel welded fittings are most often used, due to their technical properties having the following advantages:

  • The ability to function under heavy loads, which are created due to the fluid pressure in the system;
  • Resistance to serious temperature changes;
  • Resistance to chemicals and aggressive environments.

We offer exclusively high-quality stainless products that fully comply with all established standards.

Scope of welded fittings

The products are used when performing the following works:

  • Connection of pipes of different diameters;
  • Changing the direction of movement of the medium in pipeline systems;
  • A branch of the working environment.

Selection criteria

The elements are installed by welding them to the pipes. It is necessary to choose welded fittings based on the installation locations. Depending on the manufacturing technology, the products are produced electro-welded or seamless. To perform the work, highly qualified specialists should be involved, since the resulting connection must be safe and reliable.

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