Stainless steel products in ALFA-STAR

We specialize in the wholesale and manufacture of products made of strong, durable, corrosion-resistant steel grades AISI304 andAISI316, AISI 321, 08X18N10T, 12X18N10T, 02X17N14M2T.

The catalog presents a full range of stainless steel pipes with different sizes (conditional passage and wall thickness). These are products of round, square or rectangular cross-section, obtained by electric welding or by rolling technology (without seams). Also in the company "ALFA-STAR" you can purchase:

  • All types of fittings: American, plugs, barrels, nipples, lock nuts, bends, tees, bends, collars, junctions, couplings, fittings and footers to create the required connections in engineering networks.
  • Stainless steel flanges: collar and standard, welded plugs, as well as silumin flanges and various gaskets to them according to standardsDINand GOST.
  • Shut-off valves for installation on pipelines in order to regulate the movement of liquids.
  • Hot or cold rolled metal products.
  • High-quality steel fasteners: anchors, bolts, nuts, washers, clamps, rods.
  • Materials for cutting, welding and machining of rolled steel: electrodes, brushes, stripping and cutting discs and other products.

Our customers can also order the manufacture of non-standard stainless steel products.

The company "ALFA-STAR" sells products at wholesale prices

We sell round and tubular metal products, fittings and fittings made of stainless steel at special wholesale prices. All products are certified, supplied with documents confirming the quality of manufacture and the brand of steel.

We work exclusively with legal entities by bank transfer. Branches of our company are located in 17 major cities of Russia, including Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Novosibirsk and others. There are over 100 tons of stainless steel products in the company's warehouses. We ensure proper storage of rolled products and fittings, so that all parts are sent to the customer without traces of corrosion, with high surface quality.

If necessary, we will cut the pipes, rods into size. We provide delivery to the regions by our own transport. To clarify the details of the order or request an invoice for selected items, call or send a request.