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Stainless steel flanges

Stainless steel fittings, piping and shut-off valves

Stainless steel flanges from the manufacturer

The stainless flange is a ring of round or rectangular shape with small holes for fasteners (bolts, studs). With its help, pipe fittings are connected, pipes are hermetically installed, as well as pipes are connected to various tanks, engineering and technical systems. The products are used to connect moving parts and shafts. Such an assembly of parts is called a flange connection.

Types of stainless flanges

Products are divided according to the form:

  • collars;
  • flat.

According to the method of attachment:

  • butt-welded;
  • flat welded.

According to the shape of the seal:

  • smooth seals with rubber, cardboard or paronite gaskets;
  • with a recess on one flange and a bulge on the other;
  • conical.

The choice of sealer will depend on the profile, the material from which the gasket is made and the pressure of the medium.

According to the manufacturing method:

  • produced by forging or electroslag centrifugal casting (simpler);

  • produced by mechanical processing (much more expensive than the previous ones).

The stainless flat flange is used in a set (in pairs) and can be a component of a fitting, pipe or shaft. Scope of application: in the oil and gas, food industry, pharmaceuticals and thermal power engineering, in an unfavorable environment.

Production features

The flanges comply with industrial standards and regulatory and technical documents - GOST 12820 80 (flat) and 12821-81 (collar). The former are distinguished by the absence of a skirt ring, through which they are connected to the pipe. The most extended flanges are stainless steel grades 12x18h10t.

Flanges made of AISI 304 stainless steel, widely used in pipeline systems (for example, chemical industry) transporting aggressive media. This is due to the high anticorrosive properties of AISI 304 steel.

AISI 304 (aka 12x18h10t) refers to corrosion-resistant heat-resistant steels and is used in a large temperature range: from -196 to 600 °C. The relatively low carbon content in the structure leads to an increase in ferrite - along with a simultaneous decrease in the amount of cementite. This gives AISI 304 steel plasticity, and also increases the impact strength.

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