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Stainless threaded fittings

Stainless steel fittings, piping and shut-off valves

Stainless Steel Threaded fittings

When laying various utilities (water and gas pipelines, heating, sewerage), it is necessary to connect individual pieces of pipes and other parts of the system to each other. Special connecting parts – fittings. They are made of stainless steel so that they serve for a long time, are not subjected to corrosion and other destructive processes.

There are many types of fittings. This category includes plugs, couplings, fittings, tees, adapters from one diameter to another. The most important technical requirement imposed on them is tightness, in which leakage of liquid or gas is completely excluded.

Threaded fittings made of stainless steel are in great demand because they have a number of advantages over analogues made of other materials. These include:

  • versatility, i.e. suitability for use in various engineering systems;
  • resistance to the harmful effects of moisture and other liquids;
  • strength, resistance to mechanical stress;
  • durability – the ability to serve for decades without replacement and special preventive procedures;
  • ease of use – installation does not require complex tools and special skills;
  • a large selection of products of different shapes, sizes, and different purposes;
  • full compliance with GOST and all international quality standards. 

Each fitting can be used many times to install, remove and re-install. At the same time, it will not wear out and lose its technical advantages.

A large number of varieties allows the use of fittings for the installation of pipelines according to the most complex schemes. They provide a reliable, strong, hermetic fastening, in which the entire system functions safely, fully and efficiently for a long time. If necessary, the pipe laying scheme can be changed: the connections can be disassembled and reassembled in a different order using the same parts.

Manufacture and sale of stainless steel fittings

The manufacture and sale of stainless steel fittings is a profitable direction of trade, which provides builders, plumbers, repair crews with all the necessary materials and components. Stainless threaded fittings are used not only for laying, but also for repairing pipelines.

An important technological advantage of the manufacturing company is the use of high grade stainless steel, resistant to any harmful environmental influences, corrosion, temperature changes, etc. In order to produce these products in the volumes that are in demand by the market, the company must have large capacities and be equipped with modern equipment. Each product unit undergoes a thorough quality control.

Not only fittings are made of this steel, but also many other elements that are used in the installation of pipelines, including threaded bends.

The range also includes a herringbone fitting, a threaded fold. They are also used in the installation of complex communications, provide high-quality reliable connection of different parts of the system. If it is required to branch the pipe into several directions, then tees are used.

The company "ALFA-STAR" offers products at a cost acceptable to all categories of buyers. High-quality, durable shut-off valves are a firm guarantee that the pipeline will work stably and reliably throughout the entire operation period, without requiring constant preventive maintenance. You can buy stainless steel threaded fittings and other connecting elements from us for laying and repairing communications in buildings of various types and purposes - residential, industrial, administrative. Call us by phone +7(812) 457-05-59, +7 (812) 244-21-41, +7 (812) 244-21-42, write by email alfa-stars@yandex.ru or order a callback from the site.

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