Price lists for stainless steel products

ALFA-STAR price list for transitions

ALFA-STAR price list for elliptical plugs

ALFA-STAR flat flange price list

Price list of ALFA-STAR flange with mirror

ALFA-STAR price list flange free

ALFA-STAR price list silumin flange

ALFA-STAR price list collars and caps

Favorable prices for stainless steel products from the manufacturer

We offer stainless steel pipe fittings of high quality at competitive prices. Our price lists show the cost of products of the following names:

  • the transitions are stainless. Provide connection of pipeline sections with different diameters. The transition is one of the most common types of pipe fittings, so the favorable price we offer for a stainless steel transition will significantly save on the cost of the entire system;
  • the caps are elliptical. They are used to create dead-end sections of the pipeline, provide the greatest strength and reliability of the pipeline network compared to flat plugs. The price list for steel plugs includes prices for AISI 304 and AISI 316 products in a wide range of sizes;
  • flat welded flanges, nominal pressure PN 10 (bar). They are presented in two standard-sized rows. The price of a flat flange is determined by the size of the product and the type of execution (AISI 304, AISI 316);
  • flanges with mirror. The mirror is the interface surface between the flanges, protruding above the plane of the flange itself. The material of manufacture is stainless steel 12(08)X18N10T, 10X17N13M2T. The cost of flanges with a mirror is determined by the value of the working pressure (0.6 MPa, 1 MPa, 1.6 MPa), the size of the product and the steel grade;
  • the flanges are free. Optimal design for connection with difficult access to the installation site and with frequent repairs. The price list for a free flange includes prices for products with a working pressure of PN 10 in the size range of 10/17.2 – 500/508.0;
  • silumin flanges. Silumin is an alloy of aluminum and silicon. This type of reinforcement is used complete with a stainless collar. We offer a silumin flange at an affordable price, providing strength, wear resistance and corrosion resistance of the joint;
  • collars and caps. The collar (flanging, side washer) is included in the flange connection to ensure its tightness. The cost of collars and plugs depends on the size of the products and the design (AISI 304, AISI 316).

All products of our company comply with GOST and DIN standards. Constantly replenished stock ensures the availability of parts of the desired model and size. Our specialists will always give advice on choosing a product in accordance with its working conditions and answer all your questions. 

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