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Stainless steel fittings, piping and shut-off valves

Product material - stainless steel

AISI 304 (08X18H10), AISI 316 (03X17H14M2)

Stainless steel gate valves

Stainless steel gate valves are a type of pipeline shut-off valves designed to regulate the flow rate up to its complete overlap. The main element of their design is a flat thin plate (gate), which, moving, blocks the flow of the working medium perpendicular to the direction of its movement. The simplest type of gate valve is a furnace flap designed to overlap the chimney.  

The stainless steel gate valve has the following advantages:

  • the simplicity of the design, which determines its reliability, ease of installation and operation;
  • high tightness;
  • the possibility of creating a deep vacuum;
  • the ability to grind and cut solid inclusions in the working environment;
  • low hydraulic resistance;
  • an obstacle to the formation of stagnant zones and the ability to self-cleaning;
  • high anticorrosive properties;
  • long service life.

All the listed qualities are possessed by gate valves supplied by our company.Stainless steel grades AISI 304 and AISI 316, from which they are made, allows the use of this type of fittings in pipelines with difficult operating conditions: in aggressive environments, at high static and dynamic loads, temperature and pressure differences. Gate valves are used:

  • in the oil and gas industry as a necessary element of equipment, including pipeline;
  • in the mining industry and the production of building materials for the transportation and processing of bulk and pulp media;
  • in the chemical, pulp and paper and food industries in technological processes requiring high sealing and vacuum creation;
  • in housing and communal services for water supply, sanitation and sewerage pipelines;
  • in the energy sector;
  • in all other technological processes that require a significant pipeline diameter or high pressure or medium flow rate.

The simplicity of the design of gate valves causes their low cost. The price of this type of fittings in our company is lower than that of competitors, since we are direct suppliers of these products. If you decide to buy this simple and reliable device from us, which will last for decades, you will make the right choice.

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We are a manufacturer of our products, so the cost of goods depends only on the market value of the steel grade, you can get the best prices for standard and non-standard products from us.

We carry out orders for the manufacture of non-standard stainless steel products of any complexity, with the latest works you can read here

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