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Nut cap DIN 1587, stainless steel A2, A4

Stainless steel fittings, piping and shut-off valves

DIN 1587 stainless cap nut

The cap nut DIN 1587 is a hexagonal nut, one of the ends of which is closed by a hemispherical protrusion. Cap nuts are screwed onto the ends of bolts, rods, screws. In addition to the connecting function, they are designed to perform the following tasks:

  • locking achieved by tightening the nut at the end of the bolt (stud, screw) until it stops;
  • protection. The cap closes the threaded hole, protecting the connection from moisture, dust, and corrosive substances. It prevents grease from getting into the components of the technological process in chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries, and also protects installers and other users from injury;
  • aesthetics. Stainless cap nuts look attractive and give the object (device, structure) a finished look. 

Stainless steel nut DIN 1587 is widely used in the installation of devices and structures in the engineering industries, instrumentation, automotive industry, in construction for facade decoration, in street design, etc. The material of manufacture allows you to use this type of fasteners for the installation of equipment and structures operating in conditions of high humidity, temperature and mechanical loads, aggressive environments.

ALFA-STAR company offers DIN 1587 cap nuts in A2 and A4 versions. The first option (food grade stainless steel) has high temperature resistance, excellent strength characteristics, good anti-corrosion properties and hygiene. A2 nuts are used in the installation of equipment and structures operating outdoors, at high humidity, in fresh water, as well as in low- and medium-aggressive environments. The A4 version belongs to the acid-resistant class and is intended for use in environments with increased aggressiveness: solutions of acids, alkalis, chlorine-containing substances, sea water.

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