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Hot-rolled corner

Stainless steel fittings, piping and shut-off valves

Product material - stainless steel

AISI 304 (08X18H10), AISI 316 (03X17H14M2)

Size Weight m.p. Size Weight m.p. Size Weight m.p.
20x20x3 0,89 35x35x4 2,1 60x60x6 5,45
25x25x3 1,12 40x40x4 2,42 70x70x7 7,39
30x30x3 1,36 50x50x5 3,77 100x100x10 15,1

A stainless steel profile with an L-shaped section is a popular type of rolled metal. This stainless steel corner can have different applications, subject to high technical characteristics. Our company offers a hot-rolled steel corner, the production method ensures its strength and long service life. The special properties of the products are provided by the material of manufacture - stainless steel, as it is resistant to corrosion and is characterized by rigidity. The product can be used both for indoor and outdoor work, as it does not collapse due to the effects of precipitation, humidity, temperature changes.

Product Specifications

The hot-rolled steel corner by the nature of the cross-section can be of different or equal-sex. Our company offers both types of this product. More precise specifications (side length, weight) can be seen on the website. 

Another characteristic of the product is the material of manufacture. Stainless steel products are durable and withstand heavy loads.

Application of hot-rolled corner

Due to the peculiarities of the section, the product is widely used. Builders actively use it for the construction of various structures, building frames. It can be used during repairs to attach different shelves, structures.

Hot-rolled corner is used in the arrangement of industrial premises, for fixing equipment, construction of fences. Regardless of the purpose of application, you should choose a safe quality rental that meets quality standards.

ALFA-STAR offers high-quality products at affordable prices and on favorable terms of cooperation. The assortment includes high-quality equal-sex and multi-sex varieties made of durable and durable stainless steel. To buy a hot-rolled corner, contact us by phone, the feedback form on the website or order a call.

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Experienced sales staff try to respond to phone calls as quickly as possible and process incoming requests as soon as possible. We value every customer, so we try to take into account all the wishes of customers. If it is necessary to clarify any information on the application, we will definitely contact you.

All products and seams fully comply with all established GOST and technical specifications.

The refund is made in agreement with the manager, the application is considered within 3 working days.


We are a manufacturer of our products, so the cost of goods depends only on the market value of the steel grade, you can get the best prices for standard and non-standard products from us.

We carry out orders for the manufacture of non-standard stainless steel products of any complexity, with the latest works you can read here

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