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Stainless check valve

Stainless steel fittings, piping and shut-off valves

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Product material - stainless steel

AISI 304 (08X18H10), AISI 316 (03X17H14M2) 

Stainless steel check valves

Stainless steel check valve is a necessary element of almost any pipeline system. This type of shut-off valve allows the flow of the medium only in the working direction. In case of emergency situations (pressure drop in the pipeline, rupture of a pipe section, etc.), the flow may move in the opposite direction and damage the system equipment. By operating automatically when the flow direction of the medium changes, the check valve prevents an accident and reduces the severity of its consequences.

Check valve designs are diverse. Their choice is determined by the conditions of use. ALFA-STAR company offers several models of these products made of stainless steel AISI 304 (08X18H10) and AISI 316 (03X17H14M2). They have the following advantages:

  • stability of functioning at significant pressure drops;
  • ensuring automatic operation in the shortest time when changing the system parameters;
  • relatively small dimensions and weight;
  • high strength and anti-corrosion characteristics;
  • the breadth of application;
  • the simplicity of the design, ensuring its reliability, ease of installation and maintenance;
  • complete tightness;
  • low cost.

The stainless steel check valve can work in various environments, including water, salt solutions and seawater (for AISI 316), petroleum products, gaseous media (steam, compressed air, neutral gases), weak and medium aggressive acids and alkalis, etc.

Among the shut-off devices supplied by us is a non-return valve made of stainless steel flanged poppet. In such devices, a disk ("plate") is used as a locking element. When installing the poppet check valve, it is clamped between the flanges using gaskets to ensure tightness. The installation is carried out in accordance with the direction of the medium flow. Such devices are characterized by quiet operation, exclude hydraulic shock and have low hydraulic resistance.

The price of all products offered is lower than that of competitors, due to their own production and direct deliveries. You can buy the product you need by contacting us by phone, email or by placing an order on the website.

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We are a manufacturer of our products, so the cost of goods depends only on the market value of the steel grade, you can get the best prices for standard and non-standard products from us.

We carry out orders for the manufacture of non-standard stainless steel products of any complexity, with the latest works you can read here

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